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The Idaho Pasture Pig is a perfect breed for any farm, homestead, or small acreage that is looking to grow their own meat. They are a very well-mannered and social animal. This breed traditionally takes a little bit longer to reach harvest weight, approximately 10 months from start to finish, ours reach harvest weight based on a diet of pasture and no corn-no soy feed which is milled locally. They make a great addition to any rotational pasture management program and have successfully rid many of our fields of Himalayan blackberry roots. Our piglets are born with their mother in an outdoor maternity pen, and then follow her directly to the pasture.


Feeder Piglets- With each litter we offer a selection of feeder piglets for sale. Our current price is $150.00 for Barrows.

Breeding Quality: We adhere to strict Idaho Pasture Pig conformity when selecting piglets as potential breeding stock. We will offer these on a litter by litter basis. Please contact if you are interested in getting on a waiting list for breed quality piglets. 

Our current breeding line is Grace X Rex 


Our February Piglets are here!

Born 2/2/24 

Ready after 4/2/24

Feeder Piglets $150.00 with $50.00 Reservation fee

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