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Pasture Raised Pork Shares

Raised on quality forage, No Corn-No Soy Feed, Fruits & Vegetables

$5.25/lb. Hanging Weight (cut and wrap separate)

A $150.00 non-refundable deposit is requested to secure pork share

prior to harvest date, this will go towards the remaining balance of the share.

            Whole Pork Share                                                                                         Half Pork Share

Estimated on 170lb. hanging weight                                               Estimated on 85lb. Hanging Weight

16lbs of Bacon (+Bacon Ends)                                                                               8-10lbs of Bacon

            4 Smoked Hams                                                                                          2 Smoked Hams

               2 pkg. Hock                                                                                                      1 pkg. Hock

     16lbs of Ground Pork/Sausage                                                         8-10lbs of Ground Pork/Sausage

2 Pork Shoulder Roasts                                                                                       1 Pork Shoulder Roast

70 Pork chops Or Pork Loin Roasts                                                         40 Pork chops Or Pork Loin Roast

             2 Pkg. Spare Ribs                                                                                         1Pkg. Spare Ribs

           2 Pork Butt Roasts                                                                                         1 Pork Butt Roast

These cuts are based on an estimate of 170lb. hanging weight on day of harvest. The specific cuts and preferences will be discussed with the butcher to determine how you would like your share processed. Purchaser to pay cut and wrap fee directly to Butcher.

Our goal for each animal is to reach 230lbs. before harvest date, resulting in this specific cuts/breakdowns. A variety of conditions can impact each animals development process and all of these numbers are for estimate purposes only. We grow our animals on high quality pasture supplemented with Union Mills No Corn-No Soy Nature’s Grower, fruits and vegetables.

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